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Browse through all of the volunteer opportunities that are currently available and apply! All ASUW volunteer positions (including internships) are unpaid.

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Regular volunteers are students who gives time to volunteer with the ASUW, but does not have an official role with an ASUW entity beyond "volunteer."

Student Regent 2021-2022
Due April 28th
  • The University of Washington Board of Regents has the authority and responsibility to govern and set policy across the University. The Regents set mission and strategic direction, oversee financial resources and other assets, select and evaluate the University President, and establish institutional policies and procedures. The Student Regent has the responsibility to bring the student perspective to this table, and through this position, they are uniquely capable of facilitating relationships across the three campuses and impacting the budgetary policy and financial decision-making of the University.
    In compensation for their time and service, the Student Regent receives a scholarship for tuition costs during their regency. Duties performed as Regent are reimbursed at the applicable per diem rate, in accordance with the Board policy. The time commitment required of the Student Regent is considerable and must be a full time student. They may, but need not necessarily, accept additional UW employment, in any case not to exceed 100 percent time, as their schedule and coursework permit, but must decline any tuition or fee waiver associated with that employment.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kristina Pogosian at, Associate Vice President for Student Life Lincoln Johnson (
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Office of Government Relations Volunteer
  • The Office of Government Relations is the official lobbying arm of the ASUW, responsible for educating students on issues pertaining to higher education, advocating at the city, county and state level for student interests, and mobilizing students to express their concerns in the political realm. We are exciting to grow our team by training and empowering volunteers of all backgrounds, year-round. Please note that while our volunteer positions are unpaid, we have assigned office members who work to curate and enhance the volunteer experience for each individual member that joins our team. We are more than happy to work with you to build a role that fits your interests while simultaneously furthering our organizational mission.
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Asian Student Commission Volunteers
  • As a volunteer, you will gain valuable experiences through which you may find community, build transferrable skills, and establish connections with ASUW, ASC, and RSOs. As ASC represents one of the largest constituencies of the ASUW Diversity Commissions, there are more than enough opportunities to make professional and personal contacts in the greater Seattle Asian/Asian-American community.
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ASUW Senator Application
  • Senate meetings bring together a broad cross-section of the UW student community, which fosters a healthy dialogue surrounding issues affecting students. In doing so, we form the official opinion of the UW student body. We empower students through the democratic process, providing a space where their voices can be heard. Our platform allows for open expression of opinions, and any UW student may introduce legislation. Senators consider, amend, and vote on legislation, thus making the ultimate decision on its direction at UW. Student Senate meetings are open to all UW students. Become a Senator to vote on legislation. However you choose to participate in senate meetings, your voice has meaning and impact.
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Student Food Cooperative (SFC) Volunteer
  • Volunteer with the Co-op to be on the front lines of working for just, equitable and sustainable agro-food systems at and around the University of Washington. Help run food drives, organize educational events based on what YOU want to learn about the agro-food system at large, lead a cooking demonstration from your own kitchen or generally connect over food and agriculture. Learn how to build community and use collective action to fight for food justice.
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Middle Eastern Student Commission (MESC) Volunteer
  • The Middle Eastern Student Commission is a ASUW entity that is committed to serving, celebrating, and advocating for Middle Eastern Students at UW, as well as creating a safe space for students who need physical or emotional support both on and off campus. We strive to host events and create initiatives that aim at uplifting the Middle Eastern Communities on and off campus by collaborating with Registered Student Organizations at UW and other off-campus organizations. The MESC also has a protected seat in the ASUW Student Senate and is able to propose and vote on legislations that impact the Middle Eastern community at UW.
    Volunteering with MESC is a great opportunity to network and build a community, broaden your skillset, and celebrate Middle Eastern culture!
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Committee members are volunteers who are appointed by an employee to sit on a committee that has a specific purpose.


Interns are volunteers who work regularly with their respective employee or entity for 3-5 hours a week.

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