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Browse through all of the volunteer opportunities that are currently available, and click the position/opportunity you are interested in to learn more and apply! All ASUW volunteer positions (including internships) are unpaid. This website is updated frequently. If you have any issues with any of the applications, please email OI Director Sophie at

Specialized Leads vs. Interns vs. Committee Members:

  • Specialized Leads are volunteers who work regularly with their respective employee or entity for at least an hour a week.
  • Interns are volunteers who work regularly with their respective employee or entity for at least 3 hours a week.
  • Committee Members are volunteers who are appointed by an employee to sit on a committee that has a specific purpose.

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Entity Opportunities 2019-2020: 

Student Health Consortium Specialized Lead

The Student Health Consortium’s mission is to create and promote health and wellness resources through mutual collaboration that benefits the students of the University of Washington. Using student leadership and advocacy for our programming, we aim to support health-oriented registered student organizations to educate and bring awareness to the issues that matter.

ASUW Internships: (Most internship applications will open up at the beginning of the school year!)

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists Application Communications Internship

The communications intern will take the lead on SARVA’s social media presence and other external communications including events promotion. We will develop all these internships with each selected intern, so your ideas and input are crucial!

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists Application Senate Delegate Internship

The senate delegate intern will take the lead on SARVA’s presence in the ASUW Senate and in furthering SARVA’s activist efforts. We will develop all these internships with each selected intern, so your ideas and input are crucial!

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists Application Project Management Internship

The project management intern will take a lead role in planning, developing, and brainstorming for SARVA special events, programs, and campaigns. We will develop all these internships with each selected intern, so your ideas and input are crucial!

Diversity Efforts Intern

The director of Diversity Effort liaisons to the eight ASUW Diversity Commissions, JCC, that are committed to making the student experience at the university of as dynamic and engaging as possible. As well as serving as a member of the Student Advisor Board, and a liaison to the ECC, Q Center, FIUTS, etc. Ultimately the rolE of Diversity Efforts is to support these commission directors with any and all diversity programming and advocacy events in an effort to create an inclusive. equitable and comfortable space for all students!

ASUW Office of Government Relations Internships

The Office of Government Relations is looking to hire four passionate, driven, hardworking interns for the 2019-2020 school year. This opportunity will allow you to play an active role in the political representation and legislative agenda of the UW community. Whether you have an extensive background in policy, lobbying, and politics or you want to see what it’s all about, we welcome you to apply.

Womxn’s Action Commission Intern

The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) Womxn’s Action Commission (WAC) is one of eight diversity commissions founded by the ASUW. Each commission has a mandate to put on educational programs each quarter, as well as to serve and advocate for its constituency within the student government and the administration. The WAC seeks a social justice framework that recognizes and affirms the multiple and intersecting identities held by woman-identified and/or female-identified-at-birth constituents. For a more detailed mission and vision statements, visit

Director of Programming Internship

The ASUW Director of Programming is the primary liaison between the Board of Directors and hundreds of registered student organizations (RSOs), Rainy Dawg Radio, the Student Food Co-op, and ASUW Arts & Entertainment.

Preferred Qualifications:
– Stellar and timely verbal and written communication skills.
– Active listener and proactive in connecting with others.
– Skilled in project and time management.
– Genuine excitement to be a part of the Husky Community and ready to get involved with the ASUW!

Director of University Affairs Intern

Interns will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of how the university operates and contribute to discussions on university policies, procedures, and standards. Some topics covered include capacity-constrained majors, admissions, affordability, capital projects, and university budgets.

Community Relations Intern

The ASUW Director of Community Relations is hiring 3 interns for the 2019-2020 academic year. Community Relations Interns will gain experience in project management, public relations, and interpersonal and professional communication. Take this opportunity to connect with our campus, and build your resume with experiences that employers are looking for!

Student Health Consortium Intern

Our entity’s purpose is two-fold: to be a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote student health and wellness on campus. For more details, visit

Ideal candidates have a passion for healthcare that is intersectional and diverse with a desire to aid marginalized and vulnerable populations on and off-campus

Job Description
– Act as a liaison to health and wellness RSOs that act as our constituents
– Be responsible for coordinating volunteers, logistics for events, booking rooms, creating timelines for events etc.
– Responsible for tasks such as social media, updating our website, drafting and designing fliers & posters, creating hype for our events etc.
– Connect & build a rapport with our constituents and be an additional resource for them to reach out and answer any questions
– Willing to commit to the schedule of 5 hours a week, for at least 2 quarters

ASUW Committee Opportunities:

ASUW Personnel Committee

This committee is tasked with evaluating job descriptions, reviewing employed positions, providing human-resource-related recommendations to the ASUW Board of Directors, as well as shaping and eventually taking apart in the ASUW’s spring hiring process.

ASUW Finance and Budget Committee 2019

This is a yearlong committee that meets weekly starting in October to discuss fiscal matters concerning the Association. The Committee prepares the annual ASUW Budget in January and makes recommendations on salaries, salary ranges, contracts, capital expenditures, long term financial planning and much more. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for giving away $75,000 in grants to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)/student clubs and events!

University Committee Opportunities: 

Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students (PACS)

Pursuant to Student Governance and Policies (SGP) Chapter 206, the UW provost seeks and considers the input and advice of the UW student body through the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students (PACS) regarding the following topics: annual budgets, tuition levels and state tuition policy proposals, financial aid, long-range budget and allocation planning, admissions and enrollment management.

Services and Activities Fee Committee 2019

The Services and Activities Fee is a student-levied, student-distributed fee to support and enhance the out-of-class experience of students at the University of Washington Seattle. The Services and Activities Fee (SAF) provides ongoing operational and capital funding for programs, which protect and enrich the cultural, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social well being of the student.

Student Technology Fee Committee 2019

The mission of the Student Technology Fee Committee is to utilize the power granted to us by the Washington State Legislature and Board of Regents at the University of Washington for the purpose of allocating the funds collected through the Student Technology Fee in a manner beneficial to all students across our campus, to supplement technology needs for students, and to enhance the resources of the University of Washington.

University Governance Councils

One of the things that makes the University of Washington (UW) unique is our system of shared governance. We believe in the importance of student and faculty involvement in making personnel decisions, selecting administrators, preparing the budget, and helping set university-wide policy. These Governance Councils all specialize in different communities and topics within our campus community!

University Governance- Council on Academic Standards

University Governance- Council on Benefits and Retirement

University Governance- Council on Facilities and Services

University Governance- Council on Faculty Affairs

University Governance- Council on Libraries

University Governance- Council on Multicultural Affairs

University Governance- Council on Research

University Governance- Council on Student Affairs

University Governance- Council on Teaching and Learning

University Governance- Council on Tri-Campus Policy

University Governance- Council on Women in Academia

Other Opportunities: 

ASUW Freelance Volunteer Form

PISC Freelance Volunteer Form

QSC Freelance Volunteer Form

SARVA Freelance Volunteer Form

Rainy Dawg Radio Volunteer DJ Application

Student Senator Application


Working Groups:

ASUW Student Senate:

Find out more about becoming a student senator HERE

Rainy Dawg Radio: 

Apply to volunteer as a DJ, Blogger, Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, or Illustrator for Rainy Dawg Radio HERE.

Student Food Co-op:

Interested in joining the Student Food Cooperative? For questions about membership contact for information