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Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Students

Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Students Application:

The Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Students (ASACS) will advise the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on issues relating to budgeting, tuition, financial aid, classroom improvement, curriculum, and other areas of importance for the college. This student-driven council will be crucial in informing the Dean of all relevant opinions and perspectives before final decisions are made. 


  • Academic diversity, in order to include the broad range of perspectives and ideas that exist within the college;
  • Experience in research and analysis;
  • Ability to advocate for student interests and actively participate in committee discussions;
  • Basic knowledge of the college;
  • Community involvement.

List of Duties

  • Bring in student perspective to college decision-making processes
  • Keep the ASUW President informed of business taken up by committee
  • Be active and participate regularly in committee discussions

This application closes on May 25th at 11:45pm

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Hailey Badger at